Values and Mission

Since the founding of the Chattawoh Open Land Trust in 1994, which evolved into the present day organization known as the Georgia-Alabama Land Trust, our primary focus has been the protection of farmlands, wetlands, forests –– all the open spaces, natural beauty and the biological diversity that sustains our species.

As we refined our vision over the years, discovering new ways to connect, engage and work with landowners to preserve natural resources, our mission and strategies have grown and evolved. We have adopted Some of our guiding principles are:

– Work to highest ethical and professional standards;
– Work in a fiscally sound manner to ensure our resources achieve the maximum conservation benefit and provide for the long-term stewardship of the lands we are entrusted to protect;
– Treat our partners with respect and honesty.

Even during times of change, our core value has remained consistent and ultimately became our mission statement:

The Georgia-Alabama Land Trust protects land

for present and future generations