Georgia-Alabama Land Trust in 2016

As we reflect on our year, we have much to be thankful for. Through your interest and generosity, by year’s close we will have protected
almost 350,000 acres of land entrusted to us through conservation easements. This important work is made possible through the
dedication of our team, the leadership of our board and, most importantly, your support of the Georgia-Alabama Land Trust.
Protection: In 2016 we protected an additional 25,000 acres of working farms, working forests, streams, rivers and wetlands with
conservation easements. The easements added this year reflect the unique history, ecology, beauty, and economies of Georgia and
Alabama. Your support not only helps our efforts to protect land, but it is also vital to our mission of outreach and education.
Stewardship: “In perpetuity” is a powerful concept (forever is a long time). Working with each landowner to develop a specific plan to
monitor and steward the easement – in perpetuity – is where the strength of our team with backgrounds in geology, forestry, ecology, and
biology truly shines. With your support, our team monitors and stewards the land in our care, increasing awareness and understanding of
good land management practices.
Education: Our Conservation Education Institute (CEI) programming is allowing us to teach all ages about the importance of our lands,
the clean water, food and fiber they produce, and the plants and animals they sustain. CEI programs across Alabama and Georgia blend
conservation and cultural heritage with the arts and classroom curriculum. In 2016 your support allowed us to reach approximately 7,500
people through 80 programs.
I speak for our dedicated team and board of directors in thanking you for your support, trust, and participation in our mission to protect
land for present and future generations. Together we can look toward more protection, stewardship and education in 2017.

Katherine Eddins
Executive Director

Conserving Land Since 1994



Protected Land

How Can You Help?

Engage: Attend our events and educational opportunities. Tell your friends and colleagues about the Land Trust. Follow us on Facebook
and comment on and share our postings.
Donate: Financial and in-kind support allow us to conserve and protect more land as well as expand our outreach to the general public –
including adults, children, and educators.
Conserve: A donation of a voluntary conservation easement on your private land, working forest, or farm makes an important contribution
to preserving this legacy for future generations.
Plan: Include a charitable gift part of your retirement or estate planning. A planned gift is a wonderful way to support the legacy of conservation and on-going protection of conserved land.

For more information:
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