Stewardship: A Continuing Commitment

With each easement success comes a deep and permanent responsibility: we have promised to look after, or steward, the conservation protections placed on your land forever. The members of our stewardship staff at the Georgia-Alabama Land Trust visit conserved properties once a year to make sure that the provisions in the original conservation easement are being honored.

Our commitment to stewardship extends beyond protecting the land; it includes the warm welcome and persistent invitations to enjoy the many benefits of wild open spaces and natural playgrounds. We believe the character of our community has been built by these treasured landscapes, and our job is to ensure that they continue to shape our lives and our future.

Our stewardship managers and biologists are our connection with easement landowners. Building relationships with landowners—walking their land with them and working together to address concerns—goes a long way toward making sure that conservation easements are upheld.

Our staff members are a trusted resource for landowners on a wide range of issues regarding conservation easements. Examples of this work may include: responding to requests for help with trespass issues; sharing expertise on an invasive species threatening woodlots or streambanks; or informing a landowner about a federal grant program aimed at wildlife habitat improvement and management.

For general stewardship questions, please contact

For general stewardship questions, please contact

For general stewardship questions, please contact

For general stewardship questions, please contact

Stewardship is defined as “the careful and responsible management
of something entrusted to one’s care.”

Landowners Protecting Land: The Most Important Ingredient

But for any of the above to matter at all, the land must have an owner willing to take the extraordinary step of saying “this land is important to me and to the health and safety of future generations and I am willing to protect it.”

The Georgia-Alabama Land Trust understands this and we work to make sure that we are available to help. We work with each landowner to create an easement tailored to their property’s strongest conservation values and plan a stewardship program that is feasible and ensures their wishes for the property will be observed in for generations to come.



Amy Gaddy
Stewardship Director

Andy Hug
GIS Specialist and Regional Stewardship Manager, CVLT

Lesley Hanson
Regional Stewardship Manager, Alabama

Mike Heneghan
Regional Stewardship Manager, Northwestern Georgia

Laci McGinnis
Stewardship Intern

Rachel Mingea
Term Land Steward, Southwest Georgia

Taylor Shook
Regional Stewardship Manager, Eastern Georgia

Caelia Wysocki
Regional Stewardship Manager, Blue Ridge and Piedmont Regions, Georgia

Please refer to this map to determine which stewardship zone your property lies within.

Stewardship Zones of Georgia and Alabama

For general stewardship questions, please contact