Progress on our mission of protecting land for present and future generations in 2018

Freshwater Corridors

In both Alabama and Georgia, we added more miles of protection to important river corridors such as the Cahaba, the Conasauga, and the Coosa River, among others. The Cahaba, with its headwaters near Birmingham, Alabama, is one of the most scenic and biologically diverse free-flowing rivers in the United States.

Our efforts along the Coosa River, which runs from northwest Georgia to northeast Alabama, won us the Greenie Award for Land Protection in 2018 from the Coosa River Basin Initiative Riverkeepers. To date, through a total of 32 separate easements, we’ve protected 9.2 riverfront miles along the Cahaba, 5.7 miles along the Conasauga and 10 miles along the Coosa River.

Mountain Recreation & Scenic Vistas

We added more than 1,500 acres to our protection efforts in the mountain foothills and ridges of north Georgia and Alabama. We are proud to contribute to the Thrive 2055 initiative, a tri-state public/private partnership which seeks, among other goals, to protect the natural treasures of the Southern Appalachians.

Some of our favorite projects in the area include:

An easement in Walker County, Georgia creating a scenic buffer to a hiking and biking trail from Lula Lake to Cloudland Canyon State Park.

An easement with the Southeastern Cave Conservancy that caps our intensive, six-year effort to keep a cave-rich area in Dade County, a GDNR site of state-wide significance, from being developed into a mountain resort. Check out our website to learn more about the Land Trust’s successful project to protect over 2400 acres of this crucial landscape, now known as the Charles B. Henson Cave Preserve at Johnson’s Crook.
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More 2018 Highlights

We added 27 working forests to our portfolio this past year. Sustainable forestry ensures that future generations will have forests to meet their needs and values.

  • This year brought us the ninth easement for a family farm near Ocilla, Georgia, one of 14 new easements for row crop farms.
  • Conservation easements are a great tool for helping to preserve prime soils and the culture of the family farm.
  • With the help of the Georgia Conservancy, we added an easement in the Georgia Coastal Plains area of over 1,000 acres, part of the historic contextual landscape once associated with one of the oldest houses in Bryan County.
  • Our work in Alabama brought us our largest easement of the year, over 1,600 acres in Bibb County, as well as our first easement in Mobile County, expanding our presence in the southwestern part of the state.
  • We added six easements in counties within the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area, a new focus for the Land Trust. Conservation easements within suburban and urban areas can help protect tree cover and assist in the fight for clean air and water in our cities.