Georgia-Alabama Land Trust Partnership (ACUB)

Georgia-Alabama Land Trust, Inc. works with Fort Stewart, Fort Benning and other conservation partners on the Army Compatible Use Buffer (ACUB) program. In the ACUB program, we are holders of conservation easements for the land adjacent to the bases above, and we partner with the U.S. Department of Defense in support of military readiness by granting access to the Army units to train on the properties.

At Fort Stewart, GA (located south of Savannah) the property exists in what was once a vast longleaf pine ecosystem. The longleaf pine is one of the most distressed tree species in the United States. Less than 3 million acres of longleaf forest remains, and less than 3 percent of the acreage is considered to be in relatively natural condition. The Fort Stewart installation is home to six federally listed species and 20 state-listed or federal species of concern.

Our partnership with US Army is critical to the preservation of the longleaf pine. If you own land near Fort Stewart or Fort Benning and would like to help preserve military readiness, protect valuable conservation values while continuing to conserve the pristine natural beauty of your land, please contact: